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VoiceChoice's Current Principal Focus is on its Opera Start Education Programme

VoiceChoice is a unique artist-led community organisation run by Michelle Wegwart and Tim Lole, whose purpose is to open up opportunities for people from all backgrounds to develop singing and performance skills in ways that encourages creativity, self-expression and self belief and to encourage appreciation and understanding of music and singing in the community through first-class performances in venues accessible to all.

Why the Community Needs Us

Opera Start has proved highly effective both educationally and socially. The principal education aims are to help young people realise their own creativity, develop their voices and perceive the link between what they are able to create themselves and the established masterpieces of opera. Opera Start Workshops:- Encourage creativity and learning through music; Engage and motivate young people; Use the power of performance to unlock potential and help to increase confidence and self-esteem.

Our Impact on the Community

Opera Start's creative activity addresses fundamental learning difficulties in numeracy and literacy which raises students' achievement levels. Simon Taylor, Head Teacher, Kirkby College, "Students are thrilled to participate and respond positively to the uplifting and educationally enriching experience". Nottm Trent Uni Research Paper, "VoiceChoice teaching can be seen as a modelling process. The students are apprentices gradually inducted into a new community in which they too can become expert"