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What We Do

A unique artist-led community organisation run by Michelle Wegwart and Tim Lole, VoiceChoice's purpose is to open up opportunities for people from all backgrounds to develop singing and performance skills in ways that encourage creativity, self-expression and self belief and to encourage appreciation and understanding of music and singing in the community through first-class performances in venues accessible to all.

Following on from Magdala, which was established in Nottingham in 1989 by international voice teacher Michelle Wegwart, the VoiceChoice team has demonstrated that the techniques employed in singing and performance can act as a highly effective model for learning and personal development. This unique approach has applications, professional as well as personal, for both individuals and organisations.

VoiceChoice's principal focus today is on its Opera Start Education Programme, a unique initiative that engages young people, often from the most deprived communities and circumstances, in challenging, creative projects and performances. VoiceChoice's acclaimed formula uses teams of its own students in a circular learning programme, alongside professional singers and musicians, building self-belief amongst the young people taking part and encouraging them to strive for excellence.

The principle of Opera Start is that workshops are run in schools and communities, based around a particular opera and involving the participants in a whole range of creative activities (composing music, designing costumes and props, improvising dance, singing and acting) which culminate in a public performance.

VoiceChoice's students are people of all abilities and from every possible background who enjoy the experience of making music together and at the same time aspire to achieve the highest possible musical standards, individually and collectively.